Coffee and Cuisine

Ceviche de Shred Santenello's Snack

Fresh fish is a great component of the shred diet. Packed with protein, plenty of omegas and B vitamins, fish provides alert energy in spades for performance on the bike.

But fish can be a pain and is often difficult cook—and ruining it pretty much makes you an asshole. A fish gave up its life for you, the fishmonger skillfully filleted it, only for you, the cook, to ruin it at the last moment. 

But what if I told you there...

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 John Scurlock holds a cherry wood propeller made by his friend Ted Hendrickson. "I saw it one day in his shop and thought it was a work of art, he sold it to me for $300 and it's been hanging on my living room wall ever since," John says.

Above Alpine John Scurlock's Aerial Pursuit of the North Cascades

There are some 15,000 rivets in John Scurlock’s bright yellow RV-6 experimental airplane.

He might not know this number off the top of his head, but he certainly knows the significance of it, seeing as he installed every single one himself. Homebuilt planes are a bit of a novelty in the already niche world of aviation, most likely because the process is not easy—nor quick.

“It took me nine years to build it, which seems like...

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Narrow bars, 26-inch tires and stanchion covers—oh, how the times have changed. Shaums March with his eyes on the prize during the 1998 World Cup race at Snoqualmie Pass, WA.

Throwback 1998 Snoqualmie World Cup

“I saw this race as the pinnacle of USA racing back then. Having a World Cup in the Northwest was a huge deal for us.

The digital age hadn't been introduced yet, so getting info out to spectators and getting eyes on the race seamed hard [and] expensive. But in turn, I feel like those were the good ol’ days where we were kids playing and living life 100 percent on the edge, moment to moment.”

—Shaums March

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Halibut for Mom
Coffee and Cuisine

Halibut for Mom Santenello's Snack

Returning to my Vermont roots after two years spent on a Hawaiian island was refreshing.

Riding East Coast tech, with its jumbles of roots and rocks, is much different than the flavors of tropical terrain I’ve become accustomed to. On one of my first nights back home, I found myself preparing to cook a casual summer dinner for one of my most revered eaters—my mom! Scanning the local market for the freshest ingredients, I put together...

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Stained glass isn’t the usual décor of climbing gyms, though, at Brimstone Boulders in Hood River, it’s a hallmark feature of the space.
Arts and Culture

From Church Pews to Crimpers Hood River's Asbury Church is Born Again as a Bouldering Gym

Anyone who rolls into Hood River, Oregon with a kiteboard, bike, kayak, or pair of skis can attest that when Mother Nature set out to craft the Columbia River Gorge, she was feeling extra creative.

She called in her most powerful and transformative tools to help with the job—volcanoes bursting and thrusting upward into the skyline, creeping lava rolling over the landscape that hardened into dark basalt and a succession of ancient...

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