Kurt taught himself how to build guitars and mandolins. He’s now an expert luthier who creates one-of-a-kind instruments for musicians looking for the utmost in craftmanship and quality.
Arts and Culture

One Sound Leads to Another Kurt Gisclair's Sonic Odyssey

Luthier Kurt Gisclair stands at his workbench, gripping a thin wooden panel between his thumb and index finger.

Though his craftsman’s hands are rough, he holds the quartersawn panel delicately, careful to not mute its acoustic potential. The wood is striking even in its raw, unfinished state, with a richly patterned grain and golden- red hue. Lifting the piece close to his ear, he taps it gently with a felt-padded hammer removed...

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In her Bellingham backyard Leigh Woody creates chainsaw art centered around outdoor themes.
Arts and Culture

Something Out of Nothing Leigh Woody's Thoughtful Cuts

Leigh Woody first became intrigued by wood carving when she decided to build her friend Vesper a house. She had no prior experience.

But as someone with an artistic knack and all-around crafty persona, she figured it wouldn’t be too difficult. A week later, Vesper, a squirrel, moved gleefully into her freshly carved cedar abode, complete with an Ent-like leafy figure carved on the inside.

That was six years ago. During the...

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Vancouver Island resident Carys Evans brought her prowess on a mountain bike to the early days of the North Shore freeride scene. These days she splits her time between throwing pottery and planning epic bike and ski trips. Photo: Danielle Baker
Arts and Culture

Freerider to Feminist The Evolution of Carys Evans

Sitting in her kitchen, one of the few rooms of her home that shows no evidence of DIY renovations, Carys Evans sips from a mug made in her basement studio.

Surprisingly, it’s one of few without a feminist theme. She’s reminiscing about her days as the first sponsored female freeride mountain biker. Laughing, she insists on using that title only in the loosest possible sense.

The story of Carys’ life bends and weaves along a...

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The blend of urban and natural environments lies at the core of “Here, Outside,” a weekly walk hosted by two friends in Portland
Environment and Awareness

Here, Outside Portland Walks Encourage Hyper-Local Exploration

Our chests expanded with each inhalation as Jade Szczepanski reminded us to take note of the space around our hearts. When the breathing exercise ended, I blinked my eyes open to see our group of seven framed by a heavy gray sky and patchwork of rectangular mixed-use buildings.

We were gathered for the ninth iteration of “Here, Outside,” a walk that takes place each week in Portland, Oregon, that combines mindfulness, urbanism and...

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Josh Pfriem Reflects on the Intersection of Beer and Culture
Spirits and Fermentation

Brewing Community: Josh Pfriem Josh Pfriem Reflects on the Intersection of Beer and Culture

For pFriem Family Brewers cofounder Josh Pfriem, beer carries much more meaning than just something to sip on. The intersection of beer, family and culture is at the heart of this Hood River-area brewery, which is known for its attention to fine detail and high level of quality across its entire line of craft beers. Read on for a conversation between Josh and Craft MTN.

This interview has been edited for length and...

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