A Bowl of Sunshine Santenello's Snack

Once again, the seasons are in flux.

With the sun setting earlier, our after-work bike rides grow shorter, and our cravings turn to warm and comforting flavors. It’s easy to reminisce of sunny summer bike park laps and daydreams of tropical surf getaways.

Envy of migratory birds embarking on their instinctual southward journey creeps in. Amidst this symphony of emotions, my long-standing go-to shoulder season dish is a savory...

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Baker City, Oregon resident Mary Miller has led a life of many new beginnings—as a musician, as a pilot, and, most recently, as a sommelier.
Sports and Recreation

Better with Time Mary Miller's Life of Constant Learning

“I PASSED!!!” Mary Miller shared these triumphant words in an Instagram post last year, declaring her newfound status as a level one sommelier with a level two award—the latest in her long list of achievements, adventures, and reinventions. At age 66, her story is one of an unyielding spirit hungering for life’s richness and a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of joy.

Mary’s appetite for knowledge began early in life. She...

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Seastr sailing class participants and volunteers prep for person overboard drills in Seattle’s Elliot Bay. Seastr's central goal is to reshape conventional notions of sports such as surfing and paddling. Its programs prioritize inclusivity and focus on the experience rather than rigid sporting definitions.
Environment and Awareness

A Rising Tide Seastr Charts a Course to More Inclusive Waters

Water is the liquid of life. It sustains us. It invigorates us. It heals us. The vitality of water comes not only through our need to imbibe, but also through our connection to and immersion in such a superlative substance.

This, in essence, is the driving force of Seastr, a Seattle, Washington-based nonprofit striving to strengthen the relationship humans have with their environment through the water and, in doing so, support and...

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Coffee and Cuisine

Lean On Me Kim and Nick Hardin Create a Hood River Mainstay

Mountain towns and their tenders sit in an air of resilience. Like weathered pine bark, the hands that tune bikes or tilt tap handles also hold memories of frostbite and countless situations that called for “just hanging on for one more mile.”

Kim and Nick Hardin, the proprietors of KickStand Coffee & Kitchen in Hood River, Oregon, exude every bit of that wind-kissed character. They spill perennial suds in their quaint riverside...

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In the predominantly male-dominated skiing industry, Megan Jackson stands out as one of the few boot fitters specializing in women's ski boots. Her expertise allows her to quickly assess a person's feet, accurately deducing their past injuries and sports background.
Arts and Culture

No Small Feat Megan Jackson's Boot Fitting Sixth Sense

Feet are weird. They’re narrow, wide, flat, tall with high insteps, inflicted with bunions, or occasionally, sixth toes. Few types of shoes highlight these idiosyncrasies more than alpine ski boots. At their core, these boots are snug, stiff, firm plastic shells that skiers cram their feet into to enjoy the sport.

Skiers’ boot preferences are as diverse as their feet. Some want a boot that they can easily walk uphill in while still...

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Our final issue of 2023 is hot off the press. Craft MTN 6.2 is currently being delivered to your favorite coffee shops, breweries, and bike shops around Bellingham, so get ready for an end-of-the-year treat! Portland, Seattle, Hood River, and B.C. delivery coming soon—hang tight.

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