Stained glass isn’t the usual décor of climbing gyms, though, at Brimstone Boulders in Hood River, it’s a hallmark feature of the space.

From Church Pews to Crimpers Hood River's Asbury Church is Born Again as a Bouldering Gym

Anyone who rolls into Hood River, Oregon with a kiteboard, bike, kayak, or pair of skis can attest that when Mother Nature set out to craft the Columbia River Gorge, she was feeling extra creative.

She called in her most powerful and transformative tools to help with the job—volcanoes bursting and thrusting upward into the skyline, creeping lava rolling over the landscape that hardened into dark basalt and a succession of ancient...

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 John Scurlock holds a cherry wood propeller made by his friend Ted Hendrickson. "I saw it one day in his shop and thought it was a work of art, he sold it to me for $300 and it's been hanging on my living room wall ever since," John says.

Above Alpine John Scurlock's Aerial Pursuit of the North Cascades

There are some 15,000 rivets in John Scurlock’s bright yellow RV-6 experimental airplane.

He might not know this number off the top of his head, but he certainly knows the significance of it, seeing as he installed every single one himself. Homebuilt planes are a bit of a novelty in the already niche world of aviation, most likely because the process is not easy—nor quick.

“It took me nine years to build it, which seems like...

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At more than 1,000 acres, the Hyla Woods experimental forestry in northwest Oregon seeks to illuminate ways in which people and forests can coexist sustainably.

Middle Paths How Hyla Woods and Swift Industries Are Changing the Way We Think About Forests

The cascading calls of Swainson’s thrushes and other birds are all that pierce an otherwise quiet forest when Peter and Pam Hayes walk the pathways of their property in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range on any given summer evening.

Late on a Saturday in June, the voices of 20 cyclists blend with the usual chorus of birds as the riders sit in a semicircle near the bubbling murmur of Lousignont Creek, sipping beer in a sweaty...

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After moving to Vancouver from Hermosillo, Mexico, Norma Ibarra embraced the city’s vibrant skate and mountain bike scenes. Through her photography, Norma documents and explores the subcultures of two vastly different sports. Photo: Kimberly Ronning

A Place For You The Life and Lens of Vancouver Photographer, Norma Ibarra

“Do you want to see my beaver? Jah, jah, jah!”

Norma Ibarra says, laughing as she points to her tattoo of a plaid-shirt-wearing, famously Canadian rodent. Designs weave a tapestry around her arms and legs. The images map her journey from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico to North Vancouver’s forests and now to concrete structures throughout the world.

At one time, Norma was heavily engaged in her local mountain bike community as a...

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Todd Zimmerman and his daughter Mabel took advantage of closed schools and more time at home last year to bond over building trails together.

Mabel's Monkey Wrench Todd and Mabel Zimmerman's Quest to Slay Trail Building Dragons

Picture this. The Hulk and a hobbit have a love child.

He comes out built like a brick shithouse, wears cut off shorts, has knuckle tattoos that say, “Dig Trail,” and a has a full sleeve on his left arm. Locals call him a legend. Kids call him Mr. Z.

Todd Zimmerman is an amalgamation of many personas: Sixth grade math teacher, lone wolf trail builder, a father and a dude with a lifelong man crush on Burt Reynolds. Today, we...

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