Craft MTN Issue 6.2

Winter 2023

$5.00 USA | $15.00 CANADA | $20.00 INTERNATIONAL
*All prices in USD. For Canadian & International purchases, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

NO SMALL FEAT | Megan Jackson’s Boot Fitting Sixth Sense
LEAN ON ME | Kim and Nick Hardin Create a Hood River Mainstay
A RISING TIDE | Seastr Charts a Course to More Inclusive Waters
BETTER WITH TIME | Mary Miller’s Life of Constant Learning

EDITORS NOTE | On the Winter Solstice
BY THE NUMBERS | Skis, Trees, and the Biggest Organism on Earth
A REMINDER TO GATHER | An Illustration by Kaisa Lemley
BREWING COMMUNITY | Janet Lightner on the Early Days of Bellingham’s Beer Scene
ARTIST SPOTLIGHT | Brecken Stockmar
QUOTED | Always on the Clock
MODERN TASTE | Perfect Your Pour-Over
CRAFT MAP | A Guide to Tasty Brews in Washington, Oregon and B.C.
SANTENELLO'S SNACK | A Bowl of Sunshine

On the Cover: CSV Valkyrie’s impressive history in long-distance ocean races makes it a solid platform for teaching sailors of all levels. The Seattle-based nonprofit, Seastr, aims to combine practical sailing guidance with strong messages of inclusivity in its programming. Photo: Riley Seebeck