Craft MTB


With the countless recreational and cultural opportunities of the Pacific Northwest, it’s nearly impossible for people to have only one passion. We at Craft MTN are adventurers, coffee connoisseurs, beer aficionados, trail builders, wannabe yogis, amateur chefs and appreciators of art, as are so many of our friends and neighbors. Here in the Northwest, there is immense appreciation for anything and everything crafted by hand, be it bike trails, surfboards, paintings, food or fermentations. It is this culture, and its staunch purveyors, that has developed a region that drives continual creation.

Through publishing Freehub Magazine for more than a decade, we’ve come to realize there are few communities with as much energy as the Pacific Northwest. The dedicated athletes, zealous advocates and creative companies who call this region home do so because there is no shortage of passion and inspiration within such a small radius.

As a media company, we believe such a unique collective of individuals deserves recognition, as sharing such stories perpetuates the cycle of innovation and originality. We like to think of Craft MTN as the drivetrain of the Pacific Northwest; our community pushes the pedals while we help turn the wheel. Published two times a year and free to readers, Craft MTN is hyperfocused on personal stories from throughout our community, fueled by the abundance of genuine characters whose lives and passions are intertwined with our region. Their motivation—just like ours at Craft MTN—is to inspire others through creativity.


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