Craft MTN Issue 3.1

Spring 2020

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Subtle Shapes | Maddy Marshall and the Various States of Flow
Trails of Change | Recreation and Recovery in Darrington, WA
Mountain Shrines | Gretchen Leggitt's Church of Creativity
The Blueprint | Conflict and Revolution in BC's South Chilcotin Park

Editor's Note | Energy in Motion
Beerocracy | Flying Bike Cooperative Brewing is By the People, For the People
Quoted | Jeff Goldblum on the Bicycle
Throwback | The 1998 Snoqualmie World Cup
Tech Tips | Suspension Tuning with the Gurus of Fluid Function
Beer Map | A Guide to the Tasty Brews of the Seattle-to-Sky Corridor
Santenello's Snack | The Bollywood Burrito

On the Cover:
Maddy Marshall traces the rail line on a piece of Styrofoam in a backyard Bellingham, WA surfboard shaping bay. The final product will be a mulberry-colored 9-foot single-fin surfboard—a wave-riding piece of art. Photo: Paris Gore