Craft MTN Issue 3.2

Summer 2020

$5.00 USA | $15.00 CANADA | $20.00 INTERNATIONAL
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Metallic Musings | Aaron Loveitt's Explorations of Art and Earth
The 2020 Canadian Extreme Recreation Boom | Whistler, BC's Workforce of Unemployed Trailbuilders
This Is Freedom | The Fast-Paced Progression of Adaptive Mountain Biking
A Mover and a Maker | Danielle Schön is Leaveing Labels Behind

Editor's Note | Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The Cycle Capital | Washington State's Celebrated Passion of Cycling
A River Runs Free | Restoring Access to Long-Lost Habitat on the Nooksack River
To Change Takes Effort | An Illustration by Kaisa Lemly
One Good Cup Deserves Another | The Origins of Beach Camp Coffee Co.
Quoted | The Importance of Real Facts—and Beer
Please for the Bees | Michael Jaross, Bellingham, WA's Beekeeping Guru, is Helping Local Colonies Adapt
Beer Map | A Guide to the Tasty Brews of the Seattle-to-Sky Corridor
Santenello's Snack | The One-Dish Quiver

On the Cover:
Between epic multiday journeys and cruising berms and boosting jumps in the Whistler Bike Park, Ethan Kreuger is pushing the burgeoning sport of adaptive mountain biking to new levels. Photo: Naill Pinder