Craft MTN Issue 5.1

Spring/Summer 2022

$5.00 USA | $15.00 CANADA | $20.00 INTERNATIONAL
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WHATEVER WORKS | Art is More Than a Muse for Alix Tippie
DEPTHS OF IMAGINATION | Travis Skinner Wants Material to Inform Design
ANCIENT ASH | What the San Juan Islands Can Teach Us About Wildfires
GREASE AND GRIT | Austin Hironaka Is On A Mission to Hotrod the World

EDITOR'S NOTE | On Old-Growth Trees
BY THE NUMBERS | Figures of Indulgence and Hard Work
FINDING BALANCE | An Illustration by Kaisa Lemly
BREWING COMMUNITY | Lee Hegmon's Unique Take On Barrel-Aging
MODERN TASTE | Understanding the Great Wall of Coffee
CRAFT MAP | A Guide to Tasty Brews in Washington, Oregon and B.C.
SANTENELLO'S SNACK | The Good, The Rad, The Chutney

On the Cover:
Alix Tippie draws at her home in North Vancouver. Alix, who is autistic, can become overwhelmed in social situations and sometime struggles to communicate. For her, art is more than a fun pastime—it's a crucial way for her to channel her unbridaled creativity. Photo: Andrew Lawrence