Craft MTN Issue 6.1

Summer 2023

$5.00 USA | $15.00 CANADA | $20.00 INTERNATIONAL
*All prices in USD. For Canadian & International purchases, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

COMMUNITY BY THE CONE | Alice and Brohm Ice Cream Brings a Taste of New Zealand to Squamish
PRECIOUS METALS | Angus Kellems Forges His Own Path as a Bladesmith
MATCH MADE IN PEDALIN' | Finding Meaning in the Forever Bike
RUNNING WITH THE PACK | The Proliferation of Run Clubs in Portland

EDITOR'S NOTE | On Wading Into the Unknown
BY THE NUMBERS | Bikes, Beers, and the Benefits of Running
LONG LONG LONG SUMMER DAY | An Illustration by Kaisa Lemly
BREWING COMMUNITY | Emily Mallos on an Ambitious Year Ahead for Kulshan Brewing
TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS | How Mountain Biking Saved Me From the Covid Blues
MODERN TASTE | A Guide To Exploring Espresso Drinks
CRAFT MAP | A Guide to Tasty Brews in Washington, Oregon and B.C.
SANTENELLO'S SNACK | Crack That Cabbage

On the Cover: Eliza Carver's piece, "Chanterelle Surfer Babe" was inspired by a lady's trip to the Oregon coast. The illustration, to her, evokes cold dips in the ocean, salty skin, surprise mushroom finds in the forest, and late nights hooting and hollering at the moon.